Things To Know Before The Event...

Turn It Around Tour, LLC is a place to allow dancers to compete against dancers, singers to compete against singers, and actors to compete against actors. Likewise, a junior dancer will not compete against a teen dancer and a junior dancer will not compete against a junior singer.


Entries are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please submit your entries in a timely manner. If our maximum number is reached for the weekend prior to the registration deadline, registration will close.


Fees must be paid 30 days prior to the event. Studio checks and money orders will be accepted. Money orders must be payable in US funds only. No personal or foreign checks will be accepted.


Late entries will be charged an additional $15 per person. All fees are nonrefundable. There is a $35 charge on NSF checks.


All changes to originally submitted entries must be in writing. Once the schedule is released, corrections will only be accepted for 48 hours.


There is no predetermined schedule for the competition and workshop. The schedule is set city-by-city depending on the size of the event. Depending on the size of the workshop, the 12 and under dance classes may not be offered in every city. 12 and under students may then take the 13 and up dance classes or the singer/actor classes. They may also receive a full refund for the classes at Turn It Around, LLC staff’s discretion.


Turn It Around Tour, LLC accepts music online three days prior to the competition. Music must be labeled with the number and title (005 _Turn Up The Music). CDs and flash drives are accepted one hour prior to the start of the competition. CDs must be individually labeled for each routine with the routine number, title, and studio code. Flash drives must be labeled with the number and title (005 _Turn Up The Music). A back-up CD is recommended in case of technical errors.


Performers should be ready to perform 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time. If the competition is running ahead of schedule, acts are expected to perform early but in the order of the program. All participants agree to make costume changes quickly to keep the competition on the schedule. Point deductions may occur if there are unreasonable delays.


Acts will perform in the order of the program unless otherwise given permission by the directors for a specific reason.


Teachers should check performers in with the backstage manager in a timely fashion. We ask that performers be checked in 5 routines before they perform. If you require a microphone, please head to the backstage manager five routines in advance of your performance.


Performers will dress in their assigned dressing rooms. Disqualification may result if this rule is not followed. Studios, performers, and parents are responsible for properly disposing of garbage and cleaning their dressing area. Otherwise, cleaning fees may be applied.


The reason for having divisions in the competition is to allow each performer to compete against a performer with similar training hours and experience. Our competition is not designed so a studio may spread out routines to win in more categories. Turn It Around Tour, LLC has no way of knowing how many years or hours a performer trains. This is at the discretion of the teacher. Please use integrity. While competing, if a routine appears under placed, the judges will make note, and it will be moved to the higher level.


Coaching a performer from the wings will not be permitted.


Volume for any dance, vocal, or acting routine is at the discretion of the sound engineer. At no time will studio directors or teachers approach the sound engineer. No special lighting requests will be accepted.


There is to be no prerecorded tap or vocal sounds on music tracks, but back-up vocals are allowed.


General props are allowed, but they must be taken on and off the stage within 2 minutes. They must be free standing. Please have your props labeled with your studio name for identification purposes. Our staff does not assist in setting up props. Nothing that can damage the floor will be permitted. No sliding props are allowed on the stage. Any damage that occurs will result in a studio fine. For safety, the maximum height is ten feet, and no dancer is allowed to stand higher than six feet. Props must be loaded into the venue and out of the venue the day the routine competes. No gels, liquids, aerosols, fog machines, glitter, baby powder, fire, water, or live animals are allowed. If a helium balloon is used it may not be released on stage or anywhere else in the building.


The entire routine must be performed on stage. Dancers will not be allowed to enter or exit from the audience or jump off the front of the stage. No running or approaching the judges will be allowed. Nothing is to be presented to the judges during the routine.


Contestants agree to the manner and method of judging, which is at the sole discretion of the directors of Turn It Around Tour, LLC, and the results are final. No teachers, parents, or students will be allowed to question the judges.


Point deductions and disqualification can be caused by the intentional holding of acts, shooting video, or taking photos while the event is in progress. Inappropriate costumes, material that is not age appropriate, and vulgar or other unacceptable lyrics will also result in disqualification.


Scoresheets and video critiques are only given to the registered studio owner unless written consent is given prior to the event.


Please remain quiet while routines are performing and while classes are in session. Noise distracts the performers, judges, other audience members, students, and teachers.


No photography or videotaping is allowed when the competition and classes are in session.


During the workshops, wristbands must be visible at all times during classes. Registered teachers are allowed access to every class.


To be eligible for a scholarship, participants must be registered for the full workshop. They must attend and participate in all classes, including tap for the dancer workshop. Participants may attend for one day, but they will not be eligible to receive a scholarship. Scholarships must be used before the expiration date without exception.


Any individual taking part in the convention will not hold Turn It Around Tour, LLC’s owner, directors, or employees liable for injuries, illness, or loss of property while in attendance and/or during participation in the event.


Any performer or nonperformer who invites any outside guests or spectators is solely responsible for the guests’ safety and for informing them of all Turn It Around Tour, LLC’s rules.


Turn It Around Tour, LLC reserves the right to expand or move the event site. If moving is necessary, studio owners will be informed in a timely manner. Turn It Around Tour, LLC reserves the right to cancel an event due to weather, lack of registration, or other unforeseen circumstances. Upon any such change, the studio owner will be contacted.


The participants give permission to Turn It Around Tour, LLC to use any photography or videos taken during the event for promotional purposes.


Turn It Around Tour, LLC reserves the right to deduct points or disqualify a studio that does not comply with these rules and regulations.


Turn It Around Tour, LLC reserves the right to decline entries per its discretion as well as to decline entry to the event for any reason.


Turn It Around Tour, LLC reserves the right to change, add, or delete any rules or policies at any time as it deems necessary.